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How many sessions will it take to fix my problem?


Because the body is so complex and often times very difficult to figure out, there is no definite way of knowing how long any problem will take to “fix”. Some people will notice a tremendous change immediately after or even during the first session. However, if you have had chronic pain for a relatively long period of time, it may take a while to get to the root of the problem and the progress might be slow. Even if the pain is relatively new, there may have been numerous compensations occurring for many years and your body has finally reached the point where pain is starting to develop. If your problem is related to an unchanging structural abnormality or a pathology that is unlikely to change, your plan of action may be to minimize the negative effects or simply maintaining your current status. Like any complex issue, figuring out the root of your muscular problems require a great deal of thought, consistency of attention and time, and continual analysis. The MAT process is designed so that the more opportunities I have to become familiar with your muscular system, the more efficient I am at addressing your issues.

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