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Gordon P., 59 years old, severe back problems
Sheila P., 72 years old, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Neck and Shoulder Problems
"I came to Jonathan with a recurring toe injury. I had some MAT treatment in the past but never anything consistent. Jonathan was very thorough and made sure he went through all the possibilities before finding the source of the issue in my back/trunk. All previous treatment (chiropractor, pilates) had been focused on the toe/foot itself with no consideration of the trunk. After meeting with Jonathan several times not only did my toe feel better, my body felt better as a whole. I didn't even realize I had issues with my back or that it was causing me discomfort before I went to MAT. Jonathan is friendly, professional and very knowledgable. I would recommend him and MAT to anyone - not only for an injury but for overall health and well being.
                                                                                                                   -Lainey T., Dancer, Foot Problems
"For the last 2 years I've been to a dozen Doctors & Specialists and have run the gamut of Eastern/Western Medicine.  No one could pin point my problem. After a random conversation with a friend about a plethora of Trigger Points I was having released in my neck & shoulders he suggested MAT which helped save his daughters Achilles Heel after a gym accident.
I called Jonathan and upon hearing my circumstance he made it a point to see me the next day. Not only did he drive to my home, he gave me a free consultation along with some treatment. Unheard of in today's medical/physical therapy community.
Due to my injury my guitar playing has gotten progressively worse the last couple of years. 2 hours after Jonathan's initial treatment and I was lighting my guitar on fire. It was insane. Relief. FINALLY.
I've been seeing Jonathan ever since and I can honestly say he's genuinely concerned about the people he works with and wants to help heal them.
He's thoughtful about his technique and approach in such a way that he cuts straight to the heart of the problem. He communicates what avenues he'd like to explore and how and then he explains his technique in a straightforward manner that I can understand.
The sessions with Jonathan have not only improved my condition but they've also given me an overall feeling of wellness. I'm getting bits of "me" back daily and I can't tell you how grateful I am for that after two years of free falling.
I can't recommend Jonathan enough. In world where good, solid, honest people who know their craft are becoming an extinct species it's comforting to know there are still humans among us. We need more healers like Jonathan."​
                                                                                              -Anthony S., Musician, Cervical Spine Problems
"I was excited to find a MAT specialist in Orange County because there seem to be very few (if any) in Orange County. I was worked on by Jonathan Higashi, who was extremely knowledgeable about MAT and very easy to talk to. I felt completely comfortable asking him questions and he made sure he answered every single one in a way I could understand. (The details about muscles, ligaments, range of motion, etc. & how it all works together does get kind of complicated.) I started to realize that MAT Specialists have to be like detectives in trying to find the source of problems with muscle imbalances...and every person is completely different. It opened my eyes to the intricacies of the human body and how valuable a really good MAT Specialist needs to be to narrow down the true source of weak or inactive muscle problems.
Jonathan is great as a MAT Specialist, because even beyond that first session I had with him, his mind still works during "off" hours to figure out how to help me and what to do next in my process. I have lower back & deep glute issues, knee problems and I always feel like I have to crack my back to feel 'right'. Even after the first session with Jonathan, I felt a difference. I almost always feel "off" but after the first couple of days after I had my first session, I didn't feel the need to correct with back cracking. Of course, it requires many more sessions to figure out all my issues (it doesn't get fixed overnight since there are so many inactive muscles to try and identify), but if you're in Orange County and need a good MAT Specialist, then definitely call Jonathan. If there's something he can't help me with, he is very honest and let's me know, but his mindset is to really do what he can to help me."
                                                                                                                                 -Sandi E., Back Problems
"I have been doing MAT sessions with Jonathan Higashi since Nov. 9th, 2011.  I had foot surgery over a year ago.  The pain has never subsided, and I did not want surgery again.  I heard about the MAT sessions and tried it.  Since starting the sessions the pain and swelling have diminished.  I am now able to run at Bootcamp which I was not able to do for over a year.
I highly recommend the MAT sessions.  Jonathan is so articulate in explaining everything to you and makes you feel very comfortable with the treatment
Thanks Jonathan!"
                                                                                                       -Elizabeth R., 67 years old, Foot Problems
Professional athletes who have worked with other Specialists:
"I need to do everything possible that I can do to have a long career.  This is one of those things that I saw result within a few months." 
                    -Mark Teixeira, Professional Baseball Player

                                              (Provided by Ryan Overturf, MATs)

(Super Bowl sound bite on how MAT has helped him) “It has helped me a lot. Sometimes, after games, it usually takes me two-to-three days to get the soreness out. I go to (a specialist). I see him that Monday and he gets my muscles re-energized. I could be feeling real good that Wednesday and ready to go by Friday. I could play the game that Friday. He’s been doing a great job with me. I’m happy that he came in my life at this stage in my career. He helped me a lot.”                                
                   -Frank Gore, NFL Pro Bowl Running Back
"Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) has been the best thing ever for repairing and reviving my body from the punishment I apply as a PGA Golf professional. MAT really works. I would highly recommend you seek an MAT specialist to help you recover from any injuries or the wear and tear of an active lifestyle. Since working with Greg Roskopf and Matthew Bernier, I have been able to play more golf and even better golf. If you have discomfort and/or dysfunctional movement patterns you have to spend some time taking care of yourself and there is not a better way to go." 
                                   -Ty Walker, PGA Golf Professional
Professional athletes who have worked with Greg Roskopf:
"If you get to this age and you're trying to keep playing, you need help. Everybody has a masseuse, but most guys do more now. Last year, when I flew Roskopf to Indianapolis, I was paying him what he'd make all day for his appointments in Denver. But if he helps me extend my career by two years, with two more years of salary, it's well worth it."  (read the full article)                             
                  -Peyton Manning, NFL Pro Bowl Quarterback
"Greg Roskopf's Muscle Activation Techniques helped me through my last couple of years as a professional football player and I highly recommend it."
                     -John Elway, Hall of Fame Football Player
"Greg Roskopf and MAT saved my football career. I had a severe injury a few years back and without MAT I would not have been able to return to playing in the NFL.  I would recommend it to all athletes and everyday people to maintain a strong healthy life"
         -Chris Simms, Former Professional Football Player

"I met Greg when we were trying to solve a problem with my hamstring. I had had great chiropractic care, great care from trainers, I stayed in shape, exercised well; I had no excuse for this problem. After a couple of short visits with Greg where, along with the MAT treatment, we discussed bio-mechanics, how muscles inter-relate with each other, and how the body is designed to move, my hamstring problem was gone. It was all delivered in a way that made sense: using the mechanics of the body, strengthening some areas that seemed strong but were functionally weak in how they related with other muscles, and when we connected that imbalance, the problem went away. 


"I've seen the benefit for both athletes and the general public. I, myself, have experienced what MAT can do for a person who does athletics for a living, and I've seen it work for people who are close to me... particularly young kids who are developing. They can't figure out why they have pain and can't figure out why they can't continue to develop. If bio-mechanical imbalances are addressed at a young age, kids can take what they've learned and go to great heights that they otherwise wouldn't be able to achieve."


                   -John Stockton, Hall of Fame Basketball Player

"I've worked with a lot of massage therapists, chiropractors and physical therapists. The Muscle Activation Techniques method is one of the most successful out there and will make each type of practitioner better at his or her job."
        -Bill Romanowski, Professional Football Player
“As an LPGA golfer, a disc injury threatened to end my playing career. My golf coach, Mike McGetrick, also experienced with Muscle Activation Techniques, referred me to the MAT clinic after a training session. Through MAT, I was able to get to the source of my problems and play the entire season.”
                                            -Beth Daniel, LPGA Golfer
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