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Muscle Activation Techniques® is a biomechanically based system designed to evaluate and address muscular dysfunction that contributes to pain or injury. MAT introduces a paradigm shift in how tightness is viewed in the fitness and rehab industries. It approaches the idea of muscle imbalances from the standpoint of improving the function of the inhibited/weak muscles because that in turn will help release/relax the overactive muscles. Essentially, we are trying to work with the body to improve performance instead of against it. Whether you’re looking to compete at an elite level, enjoy a full round of golf, be active with friends and family, or simply be able to perform everyday activities, MAT may be the solution you’ve been looking for.


From its infancy in the late 1980s to the development of the internship in the late 1990s, MAT has grown rapidly throughout the United States and Internationally (including: Canada, Spain, Mexico, Portugal, England, Brazil, Australia, France, Japan and The Netherlands.

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