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I’ve tried everything to get rid of my pain and nothing has worked. Can MAT help me?


MAT may be the answer that you’ve been looking for. Many other therapy options focus on treating the symptom and attempts to fix the problem by undoing tightness in your body. MAT offers a unique and innovative approach to dealing with muscular dysfunction.


First, the MAT process is designed to search for the cause of the discomfort and not just the symptom. If you have problems in your knee or foot, most therapies focus on those respective areas to fix the problem. MAT will continue to explore other potential areas of dysfunction (in the hips, trunk, and/or spine), because that may be the root of the problem. The knee or foot may be the innocent bystanders being affected by those other areas.


Also, MAT views muscle tightness as being secondary to muscle weakness. Muscle tightness is a necessary compensation that the body uses to protect itself. By increasing muscle function at a joint, the “tight” muscle will feel like they are “loosening up”. This “loosening up” feeling is a result of a decrease in demand on the “tight” muscles and an increased distribution of responsibility with the other muscles. This is not to say that working on the tightness is bad or wrong, we are simply trying to attack the problem from a different direction and when working in conjunction with other therapies, it is possible that you can experience great results

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